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Understand planning rules when erecting a new fence

It’s important to understand how planning regulations and restrictions will affect your fencing project, prior to undertaking any work or buying any materials. Essentially, you will require planning permission if the fencing changes are substantive in nature, or impinge on anyone else’s listed property.

More specifically, you will need permission if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The fence is more than 2 metres high, or if it backs onto a public highway or footpath and is more than 1 metre tall.
  • If the┬áproperty is a listed one, or the new fence backs onto another listed property.
  • Your development rights are altered by a planning condition, or an article 4 direction.

If you are not changing the height of an existing fence, then you will not need any additional permission to change the fence material or design in virtually all cases. If in doubt, contact your local planning authority, who will be able to advise on your individual circumstances. It always pays to do your checks before proceeding with any work of this nature.