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Concrete and Metal Fencing

Concrete fences and fence posts are a great choice in specific circumstances. Concrete is obviously an extremely tough wearing, sturdy, and long lasting material. It can be the very best choice for security fences, and perimeter fences with it being impossible to break. The last thing you need, if you’re looking for high level security, is a fence which can easily be damaged, or knocked over.

Concrete can be expensive, as it requires heavy machinery to install the large panels, and a highly specialist team on site to ensure the fence is constructed to the required standards. It will last for decades however, and the return on that investment is likely to be substantial over time. Concrete doesn’t look great, so may be more appropriate for fences that do not see a lot of day to day use or observation.

Concrete fence posts can make a great alternative to metal or wooden fence post, and will last forever, even in the harshest environments.

What about metal fencing instead?

Metal fences, tend to be better looking than concrete fences, more lightweight and also there is a broader range to chose from. Whilst concrete fences are extremely heavy, and inflexible, metal has the advantage of needing much less volume for an equivalent level of strength. Consequently, they are a generally more popular option for domestic usage, and much cheaper too.

It’s also even possible to purchase DIY metal fences – a note of caution however, as a badly installed fence could cost you dearly indeed. Be sure to only fork out for both material and installation cost that is absolutely necessary.