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Fences provide a variety of functions for UK homes and businesses alike. It may be that you need a security fence installed as part of a home security upgrade, you may want some simple trellis fencing for your newly landscaped garden ,or it may simply be a straightforward boundary fence used to mark the outer boundary of your property.

Whatever the purpose of your fence, there are a range of options available to you to chose from. Firstly, a wide variety of materials are available. Perimeter, or security fences will more than likely need to be constructed from tougher materials, perhaps even metals or concrete in the case of security fences. Gardens though, can benefit from internal fencing structures which are purely designed to be visually appealing, and in these instances there may be an emphasis on more natural materials.

Many forms to choose from

It’s not only material, but the fencing form that you will have to decide on also. Panel fences are quite simple to construct, and are very popular in this country as domestic boundary fences and garden fences. Screen fencing, often made from lighter material, can be an excellent choice for smaller internal fences, but are most certainly not the right choice if it’s durability that you are after.

Whatever fence you pick, you must ensure it is constructed properly. Winds, natural erosion and the wear and tear that you get with the outdoor elements will weaken lighter fence structures over time. As such, it’s important they are installed properly, and you get as much life out of them as you possibly can.