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Panel Fencing

Panel fencing is one the most versatile and widely used fencing styles available in the country today. Panel fencing essentially refers to a style of fencing constructed from fence panels rather than stand-alone fence posts or solid metal or concrete constructions.

The benefits of using fence panels are many. Firstly, they are pre-constructed, and come ready to fit – a kind of flat-pack fencing if you like. This makes installation far simpler, and reduces that cost significantly. Panel fences can be erected in half the time or less that it would take to create it from scratch using posts and material.

Benefits of panel fencing

A second benefit of panel fencing, is in the attractiveness of the finished result. Because the panels are pre-constructed, they can be manufactured into a broad range of patterns, uniformly, and to a high degree of specification. Examples would be trellis fences for gardens, perhaps in a complex ‘continental’ style. These are then simply erected to produce a stunning finished product.

Traditional fence panels would be made from timber, are lightweight and are constructed from flat wooden planks, arranged in either horizontal or vertical fashion. This provides excellent rigidity to the panel, keeps a natural look and keeps pricing to an affordable level.

Wooden panel fencing is just about the most popular style of border fencing on the market. Some dealers and suppliers may even be able to customise patters and designs for individual customers, albeit at an increased cost of course.

Not appropriate for all circumstances

Panel fencing is generally too expensive for extremely large areas, and cost-prohibitive for many homeowners with large gardens. In those instances, often a series of fence posts and barbed-wire will suffice! In the main though, they are a cost effective, and highly popular solution for homes up and down the UK. See what panel fencing deals you can grab yourself get with our site, all for free.