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Wood and Timber Fencing

Timer and Wood Fencing Explained

Timber fencing is a great, versatile material, and is used in a lot of contemporary fencing designs and types. Wood needs to be treated to make it completely waterproof, but it can withstand surprisingly harsh outdoor conditions and maintain its shape and structure well over long periods of time.

Timber is particularly popular for use in garden panel fencing. Panel fencing usually comes in wood, as it is light, inexpensive and looks good. It can also be fashioned relatively easily into a variety of designs and shapes too making it the ideal candidate.

Wood can also be used for fencing posts, even if it’s not the main constituent of the overall fence itself. Wooden fence posts are strong, and less expensive to manufacture than their steel based relations.

Is a timber fence the best for me though?

Take your time to consider what it is that you want from your fence. If security is of primary importance, then wood may be somewhat lacking in that area, and a concrete or steel fence may be better suited to the job. Also, consider how long you want the fence to last for, and also if looks are important. Concrete fencing, and metal alternatives can be very good value for money and last longer than wood too.

A properly installed wooden fence is hard to beat in the looks stakes, and there really are no limits on the styles you can opt for either. Your local dealer will be able to supply a range of styles for you to pick from, and you can compare prices too with us today.